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Legendary rocker Ted Nugent was interviewed on a recent edition of Penn's Peak Radio's "The Daily Bump & Grind". You can now listen to the chat below. Speaking about his life philosophy, Nugent said: "Quality of life can only come from discipline. If you make wise choices instead of comfortable choices, or trendy choices, or the B.S. of peer-pressure lie, if you make intelligent and responsible and accountable choices in life, you will have more happiness, you will have more success and you'll be more complete and full as a human being. So, even though I didn't like it when I was growing up, my dad's militant discipline was really the guiding force in quality of life. And now my older brother Jeff, and younger brother John, and sister Cathy, we all get together every year and we remember that we didn't like my dad at the time, but it was his discipline that brought us happiness and quality of life. And I think that is always true in every instance." He added: "You know, there's been just incredibly gifted heroes of ours, musically, over the years. But, unfortunately, Jimi Hendrix didn't have discipline. Unfortunately, Keith Moon and Bon Scott didn't have any discipline. And I don't know how that party's going, but it doesn't look very good from here." During a 2002 appearance at a school in Naples, Florida, Nugent told students about his fellow rockers: "Jimi got high and Jimi is dead; I went hunting and I'm still Ted. They would ridicule me, laugh at me because I wouldn't take their drugs. Ha-ha. They're all dead." In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in 2007, Nugent said about Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Mama Cass: "I often wonder what musical peaks they could have climbed had they not gagged to death on their own vomit." Nugent's new full-length album, "Shutup&Jam!", came out on July 8 via Frontiers Records. This release marks the first all-new studio album from the Motor City Madman in seven years. Nugent leads the pack of renowned musicians, handling guitar and vocal duties, alongside bassist Greg Smith, drummer Mick Brown and longtime musical cohort guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes. Special guest Sammy Hagar brings his vocal power to the song "She's Gone".

POWERMAN 5000's SPIDER ONE Speaks To 'Hard Edge Radio' (Audio)

Harold "Howie" Herula of the "Hard Edge Radio" show on TapDetroit.com recently conducted an interview with POWERMAN 5000 frontman Spider One.. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below. POWERMAN 5000's new album, "Builders Of The Future", sold around 4,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 63 on The Billboard 200 chart. Issued on May 27, the CD is the first release through POWERMAN 5000's partnership with T-Boy Records, a co-venture with Universal Music Enterprises founded by veteran rock manager Andy Gould. T-Boy releases include ROB ZOMBIE's "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor", MEGADETH's "Super Collider" and the self-titled debut album from KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. POWERMAN 5000 has carved out a corner of the galaxy where their devoted supporters created a culture that's bigger than music, drawing upon a tapestry of comic books, horror films and fantasy cobbled together years before "geek" became a hip buzzword. New tracks like "How To Be A Human", "Invade, Destroy, Repeat", "Live It Up Before You're Dead" and "Modern World" are turbocharged with the same futuristic, b-movie bite of enduring, electro-tinged POWERMAN 5000 anthems like "When Worlds Collide" and "Nobody's Real". "I never would have imagined that after all the albums, the band members, the ups-and-downs of the always changing music business, I'd still be here doing this, which is thanks to our most diehard fans," marvels band leader, visionary and sole remaining original member Spider One, who founded POWERMAN 5000 with a 4-track and a drum machine. Armed with giant hooks and crowd-empowering choruses, Spider and his merry band of musical superheroes have made a record vibrantly reminiscent of their commercial breakthrough "Tonight The Stars Revolt!" (which gave DreamWorks Records their first platinum plaque). "Builders Of The Future" delivers on the promise of 2009's return to form "Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere". POWERMAN 5000 has retrofitted their songwriting prowess even further, sounding hungry yet sophisticated, as if smiling amid a dystopian landscape, flipping middle fingers in the air and dancing till doomsday. "At the end of the day, we are the ones who will go out and play these songs in every city in America and everywhere else around the world we can," Spider points out. "You have to live and breathe it. If you don't believe in it, it's easy for people to smell a rat. We can sit around and cry all day long about how the music business isn't what it used to be, but none of that really matters. What matters is to have a blast being in a band." "We've replanted our flag as the weird, sci-fi, electronic band," proclaims Spider. "This is what we are. This is what we do best. This is clearly what people like from us the most, too. So I'm going to love it like they love it. We're back. The fanbase has really rallied around us again. The enthusiasm feels like it's picked right up from the year 2000. The electronic-metal-dance thing, we've locked it down once and for all with this one." Interview (audio):


MÖTLEY CRÜE's NIKKI SIXX Planning To Have First Baby With New Wife

Courtney Bingham, the 28-year-old wife of MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx, tells Radar Online that they are planning to have a baby, which will be the first child for her. "Something great is coming to an end but new things are around the corner," Bingham said. "When the [current MÖTLEY CRÜE] tour is over, we intend to have a little rocker of our own! I am so excited to have my first baby with the love of my life." Sixx, 55, married Bingham on March 15 at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California. This is the third marriage for Sixx, who has three kids with ex-wife Brandi Brandt: Storm Breanne Sixx, 20, Gunner Nicholas Sixx, 23, and Decker Nilsson Sixx, 19. He also has a daughter with his ex-wife, "Baywatch" star Donna D'Errico, Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx, 13. Sixx and Bingham had been dating since 2010, shortly after the breakup of his relationship with tattoo artist Kat Von D.

KORN's RAY LUZIER: 'It's Kind Of Cool To Be A Part Of A Band That's Not Afraid To Experiment'

The Front Row Report took part in a roundtable interview with KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer and drummer Ray Luzier at the July 19 stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Noblesville, Indiana. You can now watch the question-and-answer session below. Speaking about KORN's musical evolution over the years, Luzier said: "I always tell people it's kind of cool to be a part of a band that's not afraid to experiment. "We always play from the heart; no matter what we're doing, we give it our all. "There's bands like AC/DC and [IRON] MAIDEN — bands I love — but you pretty much know what their new record's gonna sound like; it's gonna sound a lot like the last record. It's kind of cool having 'The Path Of Totality' to 'Korn III' to 'Untitled', which is one of my favorite KORN records of all time. It's so different on that record, some of the things you guys [speaking to Munky] did to experiment. It's just cool." The deluxe reissue of KORN's 2013 album, "The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition" (Prospect Park) was made available at Best Buy stores in North America starting July 15. For the "World Tour Edition", the Bakersfield quintet lock and load last year's critically acclaimed "The Paradigm Shift", with three brand new songs including their just-released single "Hater", plus "The Game Is Over" and "So Unfair". In addition, it's been beefed up with a bevy of live tracks recorded all over the globe and expanded artwork. It's the ultimate way to experience "The Paradigm Shift". Among the other unreleased material, Davis opens up about his young son Zeppelin's battle with diabetes on the powerful "So Unfair", while "The Game Is Over" slams with the intense catharsis fans worldwide expect from these legends.

Heavy Metal Fan JOKO 'JOKOWI' WIDODO Wins Indonesia's Presidential Election

Jakarta Governor Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, who has professed love for heavy metal bands like METALLICA, MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD and NAPALM DEATH, has been declared the winner of Indonesia's presidential election after receiving 53.13 percent of the vote. He is expected to be inaugurated on October 20. Upon hearing the news, LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe took to his Instagram account to express his joy: "Incredibly, ladies and gentlemen, the new President of Indonesia is a metalhead AND a LAMB OF GOD fan. No, this is not a joke, yes the photos are real, yes, he digs NAPALM DEATH, METALLICA, MEGADETH and LAMB OF GOD, amongst others. "Holy crap! THE WORLD'S FIRST HEAVY METAL PRESIDENT! "Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo, the governor of Jakarta and former furniture salesman who was born into poverty, has won the election. "I do not know much at all about Indonesian politics, so I can’t comment of their political situation one way or the other, but from what I can tell, Jokowi seems to be a man of the people. "Wow. A metalhead president — who would have thought? AMAZING. I mean, can you IMAGINE it? This is THE ONLY PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD with whom you can sit down and argue about which SLAYER record is the best. Holy crap, it's too much! "I want the Prez to take me on a diplomatic surf summit to Bali. Maybe I can get ambassadorial status." The 53-year-old Widodo, who has served as governor of Jakarta since 2012, attended METALLICA's August 2013 concert in the city — 25 years to the day after the release of the band's fourth album, "…And Justice For All", and more than 20 years after their tumultuous first show in Indonesia. "I am happy and satisfied with the concert," Widodo said after the performance. "No one got out of control last night. We showed them that Jakarta citizens are all dignified. We could rock the night away in an orderly fashion." Back in May 2013, Widodo had to turn over his autographed METALLICA bass guitar to the government temporarily, while authorities determined whether the instrument was merely a gift or a violation of ethics rules. Widodo received the bass from METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo, but had to give it up to the state within 30 days, according to laws regarding gifts to state officials.

RISE AGAINST's 'The Black Market' Cracks U.S. Top 5

RISE AGAINST's seventh studio album, titled "The Black Market", sold around 53,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart. The new disc follows up 2011's "Endgame" and ends the longest break that the Chicago-based punk act has taken in some time. The Pulse Of Radio asked frontman Tim McIlrath if he ever worries that the fans won't wait around. "Yeah, especially when you go away and you don't have that sort of constant reminder that you have with fans — you're not on tour, you're not playing the shows, you're not seeing the people," he said. "And your fans are, like fans everywhere, constantly changing and getting older and getting into different things, and you know, you wonder, are you still relevant? Are you still the band that you were the year before?" The first single from "The Black Market", called "I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore", is No. 13 on the rock chart. McIlrath said about the set, "RISE AGAINST has always been a political band, but also a personal band. We’ve always had songs that have a foot in both worlds. This album is a lot more introspective to me." RISE AGAINST will begin touring in support of the new disc this fall, starting on September 7 at a radio festival in Sterling Heights, Michigan. "Endgame", RISE AGAINST's sixth studio album, debuted at No. Two on The Billboard 200 chart in March 2011, selling 85,000 copies in its first week of release. Both that number and the chart position were career highs for the band. The disc featured three singles, "Help Is On The Way", "Satellite" and "Make It Stop (September's Children)" .


ILL NINO Talks To ITN Magazine (Video)

ITN Magazine's Amber Miller conducted an interview with ILL NIÑO at the July 16 stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. You can now watch the chat below. ILL NIÑO's new album, "Till Death, La Familia", was released on July 22 via Victory Records. The band's lead singer, Cristian Machado, told Arena.com that "Till Death, La Familia" "will absolutely surprise a lot of people." He continued: "I don't think we're the kind of band that releases the same album over and over. We always attempt to challenge ourselves musically in order to grow as artists and friends. "The new album will have its surprises and all I will say is that it is very catchy and very groove-oriented. The lyrics, I feel, are by far the best lyrics I've ever written, and I really do give the guys in the band so much credit for writing such amazing songs for this new album." Speaking to 100% Rock Magazine, ILL NIÑO bassist Lazaro Pina stated about "Till Death, La Familia": "We try to do something different every record. I can tell you for sure that this one is going to demonstrate a whole new ILL NIÑO style. At first, it took a lot of courage, but I'm feeling so much better about it now that the vocal tracks are beginning to come in. It's turning out to be everything I think most of us envisioned it and kind of wanted in a new record. We're definitely taking ILL NIÑO to a new… an additional style. We're definitely bringing it up to 2014 and kind of creating our own thing. Hearing Cristian singing like he's never sung before and even innovating a new heavy style of singing and a new melodic style of singing. It's going to be interesting. I think that the fans'll appreciate it and hopefully some new ones will come on board and say, 'Hey. I really dig this band; I like what they've been doing throughout the years.' It is… I think it's a courageous record. It definitely does not sound like any other previous record. It's definitely ILL NIÑO demonstrating an additional style. "You've got to keep innovating yourself, and if you don't innovate yourself, you're playing the same thing. We've been doing this for a long time, we're entitled to get a little crazy and experiment with different ideas."



Journalist and musician Barbara Caserta of Italy's Linearock conducted an interview with guitarist Rudolf Schenker of German hard rock legends SCORPIONS. You can now watch the chat below. In a new interview with Deutsche Welle, Schenker along with his bandmates, SCORPIONS singer Klaus Meine and lead guitarist Matthias Jabs, were asked what changed their minds about retiring after announcing in 2010 that they would end their career following a three-year farewell tour. "When you start a three-year farewell tour, you know you've got a long time ahead of you," Meine said. "But that long period went by much faster than we imagined. The closer we got to the goal — Munich in December 2012 — the stronger the feeling was that we hadn't come to the end at all. There were so many images in our minds and so many emotions in our hearts. Everything we experienced between 2010 and 2012, the 200 concerts — it was all so powerful. You stand on stage, look down and see so many fans — including the younger generation, who are really getting into it and saying: 'Guys, this is so cool. We're seeing you for the first time. When will you be back?' It's so motivating and inspiring to play for three generations. We're all having too much fun to put down the guitars." "The success of the farewell tour bowled us over," Schenker added. "When you see you've got a whole new generation in front of you — lots of 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds — then you get a whole new kick out of it. Essentially, we announced the farewell tour because we didn't want to be standing on stage and not able to deliver what people expected from us." "At first, there were plenty of arguments in favor of stopping," said Jabs. "But we were quickly overshadowed by the feeling of how much fun it all is. It doesn't matter where we went, the shows were packed — in South America, the U.S., throughout Europe. So, we just thought: This can't really be the end." Meine told Classic Rock magazine in January 2013 that extending SCORPIONS' current tour was "a gradual decision," explaining, "It's one thing to say, 'This is going to be the end of the SCORPIONS' and another to do it." He went on to describe the band's 2010 album, "Sting In The Tail", as "such a success that a whole new generation of fans joined the party." Meine added: "It was amazing. And you know that with all the best parties it's sometimes hard to find the door?" Jabs echoed those sentiments in a 2012 interview, telling AZCentral.com: "We called it the farewell tour thinking — believing — it would be the last time we would play the U.S.A., that wherever we played, that would be the last time. But the tour is still going, due to demand from the audience and promoters." SCORPIONS' latest release, "MTV Unplugged", was made available in North America on January 21 via Sony International. Material for the set was taken from the band's first-ever "MTV Unplugged" show and features new acoustic versions of best-loved classic hits, as well as five brand new songs. "MTV Unplugged" is available in two formats — a standard CD and a deluxe version featuring CD + DVD. "MTV Unplugged" was released in 50 countries, a testament to the German band's iconic status worldwide.

Drummer CHRIS SLADE: Why I Left AC/DC

During a recent interview with Music Radar, former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade spoke about his departure from the band before the recording sessions for 1995's "Ballbreaker". "I'd been doing demos [for what was to become 'Ballbreaker'] with the guys in London for two months," Slade explained. "Mal [AC/DC co-founder and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young] called me and said it was nothing to do with me and was nothing I was doing or not doing but they wanted to give [longtime AC/DC drummer] Phil [Rudd] a try. I said, 'That's me out then, I'm gone.' Mal said, 'No, no, no we want to keep you on, we don't even know if Phil can play,' and told him that was his problem now. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I resigned the next day. They wanted to keep me on for months and months and that didn't feel right. It was probably my stupid pride." He continued: "If that was my son, I would now say, 'No, just sit there, they'll come back to you.' To be honest, I think they would have. [laughs] But they're very proud themselves and they wouldn't come back now. "We still get on and it was an honor and a privilege to play with those guys. "People always ask me what I did when things went wrong on stage with AC/DC. Nothing ever went wrong. I might drop a drum stick, maybe, but that was about the only thing. They were like clockwork, like a machine. Just fantastic. What a wonderful experience." Slade recently commented on the news that Malcolm Young was stepping away from AC/DC due to ill health. Slade told U.K.'s Rhythm magazine, "It's terrible to hear about Malcolm. I knew he was ill. He's been ill for a long time, but I think it's come to a head by the sounds of things." Slade praised his former bandmate, adding, "I've spoken to other guitarists about this — he must be the greatest rhythm guitarist ever born. Even Angus [Young] says he's a better guitarist. He makes the drummer's job so easy; he's a metronome." Slade played with AC/DC from 1989 until 1994, exiting when longtime drummer Phil Rudd returned to the lineup. He played on the 1990 album "The Razor's Edge" and the 1993 song "Big Gun". Slade's other credits in his nearly 50-year career include Tom Jones, Gary Numan, MANFRED MANN, URIAH HEEP, David Gilmour, THE FIRM, ASIA and many others.

SUICIDE SILENCE's 'You Can't Stop Me' Cracks U.S. Top 20

"You Can't Stop Me", the new album from California deathcore masters SUICIDE SILENCE, sold around 15,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 16 on The Billboard 200 chart. SUICIDE SILENCE's previous album, "The Black Crown", opened with 14,400 units back in July 2010 to land at No. 28. The band's 2009 CD, "No Time To Bleed", registered a first-week tally of 14,000 to enter the chart at No. 32. "You Can't Stop Me" is SUICIDE SILENCE's first album to feature new vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida (ex-ALL SHALL PERISH) and their first since the tragic loss of singer Mitch Lucker. The CD was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN), who worked with the band not only on "The Black Crown", but also on some instrumental demos for the new effort just prior to Lucker's death in the fall of 2012. "You Can't Stop Me" standard jewelcase track listing: 01. M.A.L. 02. Inherit The Crown 03. Cease To Exist 04. Sacred Words 05. Control (feat. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher) 06. Warrior 07. You Can't Stop Me 08. Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato) 09. We Have All Had Enough 10. Ending Is The Beginning 11. Don't Die 12. Ouroboros "You Can't Stop Me" special edition track listing: 01. M.A.L. 02. Inherit The Crown 03. Cease To Exist 04. Sacred Words 05. Control (feat. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher) 06. Warrior 07. You Can't Stop Me 08. Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato) 09. We Have All Had Enough 10. Ending Is The Beginning 11. Don't Die 12. Ouroboros Bonus Tracks: 13. Blue Haze 14. Last Breath (HATEBREED cover) + Bonus DVD (featuring studio & touring footage) "You Can't Stop Me" vinyl track listing: Side One: 01. M.A.L. 02. Inherit The Crown 03. Cease To Exist 04. Sacred Words 05. Control (feat. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher) 06. Warrior Side Two: 01. You Can't Stop Me 02. Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato) 03. We Have All Had Enough 04. Ending Is The Beginning 05. Don't Die 06. Ouroboros The video for the "You Can't Stop Me" title track can be seen below. The clip was directed by Nathan "Karma" Cox, who has previously worked with LINKIN PARK, BLACK VEIL BRIDES and MARILYN MANSON, among many others. "The long and short of it is this," said guitarist Mark Heylmun. "Mitch left behind a set of lyrics with the title 'You Can't Stop Me'. This gave us chills, to say the least, and we knew we had the title and title track. This filled us with inspiration for writing sessions to empower us and empower you, the supporters of SUICIDE SILENCE." Mitch Lucker died November 1, 2012 after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach that Halloween night. "We never talked about continuing and we never talked about quitting, so it was like an unspoken thing, 'cause with some people, a tragic happening, the last thing you want to do is talk about it," SUICIDE SILENCE guitarist Chris Garza told Music Feeds. Ultimately, Garza explained, carrying on as SUICIDE SILENCE felt like the right thing to do. "I think keeping the SUICIDE SILENCE brand going and the name going keeps Mitch alive and I think it would be completely disrespectful to Mitch and everything that he worked for if we stopped going or changed the name," he added. Regarding the decision to enlist Hermida, Heylmun told Metalholic.com: "There was really nobody else — we didn't want to try anybody out. We didn't want to call people and be, like, 'You wanna come and jam with us?' That's not how this situation seemed like it would work for us. Eddie was just a friend. Somebody that we know is extremely talented, and someone that could put the passion behind the job that it is. To not replace Mitch or be the singer of this band, but to treat the gig that it is. He's replacing an idol to so many people and he's also coming into a band that preexists, which is the other four members of it. We just knew he would be able to handle it with respect and knock it out of the park." SUICIDE SILENCE 2014 is: Hernan "Eddie" Hermida - Vocals Chris Garza - Guitar Mark Heylmun - Guitar Alex Lopez - Drums Dan Kenny - Bass


OZZY OSBOURNE To Release 'Memoirs Of A Madman' CD, Two-Disc DVD In October

This October, the career of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne will be celebrated with the Epic Records/Legacy Recordings "Memoirs Of A Madman" collections. Due out October 7, "Memoirs Of A Madman" CD serves as a career-spanning audio release, featuring 17 of Ozzy's greatest hit singles compiled in one place for the first time in his career and will be available in a single CD, two-LP set and two-LP picture disc set configurations. The "Memoirs Of A Madman" DVD is a definitive visual two-disc DVD set which includes classic music videos, along withunreleased and out-of-print live performances, plus interviews from his solo career. Both sets offer fans of the multi-platinum recording artist, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and three-time Grammy-winning singer and songwriter hours of entertainment from Ozzy's distinguished solo career. On July 22, fans got a sneak peek of "Memoirs Of A Madman" via Twitter. By using #OzzyRules in accordance with the number of tweets, engaged fans were able to unscramble the cover artwork and unlock a video teaser. Osbourne 's ongoing solo career spans four decades — as both a successful solo artist and as the lead singer of BLACK SABBATH — and his music is as relevant today as ever; it still resonates daily on TV, in movies, on radio and at stadium sports events. Ozzy's latest solo release — his tenth studio album, 2010's "Scream" — debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard chart, featuring the No. 1 Mainstream Rock smash "Let Me Hear You Scream". From the first notes of Ozzy's 1980's solo debut "Blizzard Of Ozz" and follow-up "Diary Of A Madman" to classic albums "No More Tears" and "Scream", no hard rock solo artist has had quite the same reach as Ozzy; his distinctive vocal delivery and larger than life onstage persona quickly endeared him to millions of rockers. Ozzy immediately had the attention of fans of heavy music with rock staples "Crazy Train", "Mr. Crowley" and "Flying High Again". With the 1991 release "No More Tears", Ozzy continued his radio success with acclaimed and hugely successful singles "No More Tears" and the smash hit "Mama, I'm Coming Home". The track listing is as follows: 01. Crazy Train 02. Mr. Crowley 03. Flying High Again 04. Over The Mountain 05. Bark At The Moon 06. The Ultimate Sin 07. Miracle Man 08. No More Tears (edit) 09. Mama, I'm Coming Home 10. Road To Nowhere 11. Perry Mason 12. I Just Want You 13. Gets Me Through 14. Dreamer 15. I Don't Wanna Stop 16. Life Won't Wait 17. Let Me Hear You Scream Details on the "Memoirs Of A Madman" 2-DVD set are as follows: DVD One features more than two dozen of Ozzy's classic and unforgettable music videos from across his discography, including a bonus alternate version of "Mama, I'm Coming Home" and making-of footage from the videos "Let Me Hear You Scream" and "Life Won't Wait". DVD Two features live performances and interview clips spanning Ozzy's solo journey, much of which makes its debut on DVD. Some selections have appeared on long-out-of-print VHS releases; others will be seen here for the first time, making this an essential package for fans old and new. Ozzy's union of music and visuals could not be more perfect, and the "Memoirs Of A Madman" DVD showcases that to brilliant effect. The "Memoirs Of A Madman" DVD track listing is as follows: DVD 1 The Music Videos * Bark At The Moon * So Tired * The Ultimate Sin * Lightning Strikes * Crazy Train * Miracle Man * Crazy Babies * Breaking All The Rules * No More Tears * Mama, I'm Coming Home * Mr. Tinkertrain * Time After Time * Road To Nowhere * I Don't Want To Change The World (Live) * Changes * Perry Mason * I Just Want You * See You On The Other Side * Back On Earth * Gets Me Through * Dreamer * In My Life * I Don't Wanna Stop * Let Me Hear You Scream * Life Won't Wait * Let It Die Bonus * Mama, I'm Coming Home (alternate version) * The Making of Let Me Hear You Scream * The Making of Life Won't Wait DVD 2 Rochester, NY 1981 * I Don't Know * Suicide Solution * Mr. Crowley * Crazy Train Ozzy's Bunker Albuquerque, NM 1982 * Over The Mountain MTV 1982 New York, NY 1982 * Fairies Wear Boots (clip) Ozzy's Bunker Entertainment USA 1984 Kansas City, MO 1986 (Jake E Lee, Phil Soussan, Randy Castillo) * Bark At The Moon * Never Know Why Ozzy's Bunker * Killer Of Giants * Thank God For The Bomb * Secret Loser Ozzy's Bunker Philadelphia, PA 1989 (Zakk Wylde, Geezer Butler, Randy Castillo) * Bloodbath In Paradise * Tattooed Dancer * Miracle Man MTV 1989 Marquee, UK 1991 (Zakk Wylde, Mike Inez, Randy Castillo) * Bark At The Moon (clip) Studio 1992 San Diego, CA 1992 (Zakk Wylde, Mike Inez, Randy Castillo) * I Don't Want To Change The World * Road To Nowhere Japan 1992 * Ozzy's Bunker * No More Tears Studio 1992 * Desire MTV 1992 * Mama, I'm Coming Home Studio 1992 * "Ozzmosis" Recording Session 1995 Ozzfest 1996 (Joe Holmes, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin) * Perry Mason Fame & Fortune Tokyo, Japan 2001 (Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin) * Gets Me Through Fame & Fortune Ozzfest 2007 (Zakk Wylde, Blasko, Mike Bordin) * Not Going Away "Black Rain" Photo Shoot Las Vegas, NV 2007 (Zakk Wylde, Blasko, Mike Bordin, Adam Wakeman) * I Don't Wanna Stop "Scream" Recording Session 2010 London, England 2010 (Gus G, Blasko, Tommy Clufetos, Adam Wakeman) * Let Me Hear You Scream Bonus Philadelphia, PA 1989 (Zakk Wylde, Geezer Butler, Randy Castillo) * Flying High Again Tokyo, Japan 2001 (Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin) * Believer ozzybundle1 ozzybundle2 ozzybundle3 ozzybundle4


YES: 'Heaven & Earth' EPK Available

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for "Heaven & Earth", the 21st studio album from seminal progressive rock heroes YES, can be seen below. The CD was released on July 22 via Frontiers Records. Having sold nearly 40 million albums in a career that has so far spanned more than four decades, YES continues with its tradition of symphonic progressive rock that remains timelessly fresh and innovative. "Heaven & Earth" contains eight new tracks, each of which boasts the unique musicianship and craftsmanship that have come to be known as "the YES sound." YES' distinctive layered music, swirling arrangements, brilliant vocals and harmonies are all in abundance. For "Heaven & Earth", YES teamed up with legendary Grammy Award winner Roy Thomas Baker (QUEEN, THE CARS, GUNS N’ ROSES, FOREIGNER, SMASHING PUMPKINS, ALICE COOPER), who handled the production and Billy Sherwood (TOTO, PAUL RODGERS, AIR SUPPLY) who mixed the album. Also onboard is longtime YES artist, the world-renowned Roger Dean, who again brings his masterful artistic creativity to the album's cover art and packaging. "Heaven & Earth" track listing: 01. Believe Again 02. The Game 03. Step Beyond 04. To Ascend 05. In A World Of Our Own 06. Light Of The Ages 07. It Was All We Knew 08. Subway Walls To coincide with the release of "Heaven & Earth", YES wil launch a 35-date summer tour featuring the band performing 1971's groundbreaking album "Fragile" in its entirety for the first time ever and a repeat performance from last year's tour of 1972's "Close To The Edge", followed by an encore of the band's greatest hits. YES is: Steve Howe - Electric, Acoustic, & Steel Guitars. Backing Vocals Chris Squire - Bass Guitar. Backing Vocals Alan White - Drums. Percussion Geoff Downes - Keyboards. Computer Programming Jon Davison - Lead & Backing Vocals. Acoustic Guitar


STONE SOUR: Fan-Filmed Footage Of Grayslake Concert

Fan-filmed video footage of STONE SOUR's July 19 performance at Austin's Fuel Arena in Grayslake, Illinois (where they supported ROB ZOMBIE) can be seen below. With San Diego's massive Comic-Con International right around the corner, STONE SOUR has released one last lyric video from its conceptual double album "House Of Gold And Bones". The clip is for the title track, which appeared on the second of the two discs, and goes heavy on artwork from the comic books based on the album, which were issued last year by the Dark Horse Comics publishing company. Singer Corey Taylor, who came up with the album's concept and wrote the comics, told The Pulse Of Radio a while back what the basic storyline was. "It's essentially a sci-fi/fantasy story that I created, but at its heart, it's essentially about a man, standing at the crossroads of his life, trying to figure out what comes next," he said. "He's got 20, 30 years in front of him — who's he going to be for that 20 or 30 years? Is he going to allow himself to evolve and become a better man, become a different man? And, you know, it's kind of wrapped in this insane world that I created." The "House Of Gold And Bones" comic book adaptation was published in four installments. Taylor has also written two books, one a memoir based around the concept of the seven deadly sins and the other about his investigations into the paranormal. STONE SOUR completed most of the touring cycle for the "Gold And Bones" albums earlier this year, while also announcing the departure of guitarist Jim Root from the band lineup. Taylor and Root are now focusing on their other band, SLIPKNOT, whose new album arrives this fall.

JUDAS PRIEST's RICHIE FAULKNER Doesn't Rule Out Another Studio Album

Patrick Prince of Powerline recently conducted an interview with JUDAS PRIEST guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Powerline: The new album ["Redeemer Of Souls"] has a nice diversity. You have "Crossfire" and then you have a "Metalizer", so it does kind of cover the whole history of the band's sound. I picked up this quote from [JUDAS PRIEST singer] Rob [Halford] where he says "Every record that we've made, we've tried to give it some distinction, some separate identity." But this album is kind of like the perfect release now, at the right time, where it covers the whole history of the band. Faulkner: It's all part of the band's makeup as far as I'm concerned. We didn't specifically go back and revisit — consciously — parts of the band's history. We just wanted to go in and write something very true and very natural. And the band's character has been so strong over 40 years. I don't know quite how that happens but that's the magic of a band like PRIEST that's forged ahead. You can write stuff that comes from the heart and it sounds like JUDAS PRIEST. It's inherently JUDAS PRIEST. Powerline: The album also seems stripped of production effects, like the band [performing] live. Faulkner: It was pure from the writing process, from where the songs came from, to the production, to the recording. It was just very pure and honest and let the character of the band speak for itself. I think it does that. Powerline: Richie, when you first joined the band there must have been certain feelings about it, and compare that to the first time recording with the band. Was it the same kind of feeling? Was there nervousness? Sounds like you just fit right in as you did live. Faulkner: It's been an evolution from day one. Some things have changed. Some things have evolved and progressed. And some things had stayed the same. In the sense that from day one it's been inclusive. It's been a family. You know, "What do you think? How do we improve this?" It's not a dictatorship, you know. So, "How do we change the set list for the better?" "How do we change the stage production for the better?" Right on into "What ideas you got for the new record?" "How do we change this song to make it better?" So those are the things that stayed the same through the whole experience in the band. And on the other side you have things that have progressed. First of all, it was just in a live scenario, being accepted by the fans, playing those great songs throughout all those countries. And then going into the studio. So it's been an evolution as well. With a constant family feeling underneath it all. Powerline: It was probably better that you started performing with the band before going into the studio. Tipton: I agree with that, 100 percent, yeah. Faulkner: On a creative level as well. You can always look back and join the dots looking back. But when you look back like that you think that it's probably why it worked so well. You build relationships with the guys and with each other as a unit very quickly under condensed kind of situations. You build trust. You value each other's opinions. And then you digest all this music — over 40 years. That's what we were doing night after night after night. There was stuff from "Rocka Rolla", there was stuff from "Defenders", there was stuff from "Painkiller", there was stuff from "Nostradamus", it was all seeping in, so then when you get to the writing process, again, you've built up relationships, you trust each other, and you just digested the 40-year back catalog. So you're all on the same page both personally and creatively. And looking back at it it makes perfect sense. From the acceptance side as well, from the fans, you almost prove your colors from the live set, and the next stage you're proving your colors. So it's a natural progression. Powerline: A lot of comments from fans about bands retiring is "Ah, they're not really retiring. They'll be back." It seems to be an ongoing thing. Tipton: Well, it's easy to understand, you know. We meant it genuinely when we said it was our last world tour. It will be our last world tour as such, but that's not to say it's gonna be our last dates. You know, time changes things. Richie came along. When we put together the "Epitaph" tour, we hadn't found Richie yet. Richie hadn't found us. Fate hadn't put us together, so things change. Richie joined the band, injected a lot of enthusiasm into the band. Retiring as well … Rob said, "What are we going to do, sit at home, sit in an armchair and think, what's there to do this afternoon? Maybe I'll go write a song and maybe think about going on tour again." We genuinely meant what we said. It wasn't just to try to sell more tickets. Things change. Powerline: And do you think the band will keep recording, even when you stop touring? Tipton: Who knows?! It's very dangerous territory now to make statements. [smiles] Faulkner: Based upon the new album and on how much material we came up with, and how easy it flowed from everyone on this record, I wouldn't rule out another studio record. I mean, you never know. You never know what's going to happen and why it will be or why it might not be. But just based purely on the creative juices of these sessions, I wouldn't rule it out completely. Read the entire interview at Powerline.


Metal Life magazine metal queen Karila Shannis recently conducted an interview with GODSMACK bassist Robbie Merrill. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below. GODSMACK has released a second new song from the band's upcoming album, "1000hp" (One Thousand Horsepower), called "Generation Day". Singer Sully Erna told Grammy.com that the tune is one of his favorites from the new disc, saying, "'Generation Day' is really unique for me because not only is it this six-and-a-half minute epic, but it has these really cool textures and colors in it. The middle section has this cool, ZEPPELIN-y kind of breakdown, drifty and trippy. The song has this really fat, cool opening riff, and it's something I almost think we want to open the live show with." Erna added that the song was inspired by the idea that his generation will be possibly the last to experience "analog" music and not just digital recordings and copies. He explained, "'Generation Day' is about realizing that this new era is taking over… when I think about that whole world, I feel sad and wish my daughter and the people (who) are younger could have had that experience of putting on an album and pulling out the lyrics and looking at the artwork. It was such an experience back then." "1000hp" is due out on August 5 and follows up 2010's "The Oracle". Erna told The Pulse Of Radio how he thinks the sound of "1000hp" compares to earlier GODSMACK records. "This one just became a little bit more raw, a little bit more open," he said. "The writing was a little freer, the production was really kind of raw and in your face, and the songs, man — I'm really, really excited about these songs." The title track from the new CD is currently No. 2 on the rock radio chart. GODSMACK, SEETHER, SKILLET and BUCKCHERRY will lead the lineup of the fifth annual Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival, which kicks off on August 15 in Clarkston, Michigan and runs through September 21.


COREY TAYLOR On Recording New SLIPKNOT Album: 'We Knew It Was Gonna Be Heavy'

According to The Pulse Of Radio, SLIPKNOT has finished recording its fifth studio album and first since 2008's "All Hope Is Gone". The disc is also the band's first without late bassist Paul Gray, who died in 2010, and drummer Joey Jordison, who was dismissed in late 2013. Singer Corey Taylor told "HardDrive" host Lou Brutus about recording for the first time without two key members. "It was interesting," he said. "We knew it was gonna be heavy. We knew it was gonna be one of those things where it's like, 'Okay, we're in uncharted territory right now, so what do we do?' You know. And Jim [Root, guitarist] and Clown [Shawn Crahan, percussionist] really stepped up, you know. They kind of started leading the charge and really getting stuff together. So by the time we really got into the studio, we had a really great template of music to check out." Corey recently described the musical direction of the new SLIPKNOT material as "a great mesh of [2001's] 'Iowa' and [2004's] 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)'." He explained: "You've got the gorgeous melodies and the artistic direction of 'Vol. 3' and then you've got the absolute brutality of 'Iowa'. And I think people are gonna lose their minds when they hear it." There is no word yet on the album's title or release date, but a single is expected to arrive sometime soon. Reports have suggested that SLIPKNOT has recruited drummer Jay Weinberg to play on the new album and tour. Weinberg is the son of Max Weinberg, longtime Bruce Springsteen and the E STREET BAND drummer. There are also rumors that SLIPKNOT is no longer working with Donnie Steele, the group's original guitar player who has been playing bass for SLIPKNOT since the band resumed touring in 2011. SLIPKNOT has announced that the second edition of its Knotfest event will take place on October 24-26 in San Bernardino, California. The Iowa-based band will headline two of the three days, Friday and Saturday, playing a completely different set on each night. More than two dozen other acts are scheduled to appear, including FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, VOLBEAT, OF MICE & MEN, DANZIG, ANTHRAX, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, IN THIS MOMENT, HELLYEAH, ATREYU, SUICIDE SILENCE, MISS MAY I, TESTAMENT and many others. Friday night's show will be exclusively for fans who buy VIP or camping packages. Fans who purchase tickets to Knotfest will receive a digital copy of SLIPKNOT's new album when it's eventually released. The band will also stage Knotfest Japan on November 15-16 in Tokyo.

CHEVELLE: Fan-Filmed Footage Of Entire Corpus Christi Concert

Fan-filmed video footage of CHEVELLE's entire July 18 performance at at the Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, Texas can be seen at this location. A couple of the clips are available below. CHEVELLE's seventh studio album, "La Gárgola", sold around 45,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on April 1 via Epic. "La Gárgola" was recorded in Pasadena, California instead of the band's usual spot in their hometown of Chicago, and follows up 2011's "Hats Off To The Bull". The "La Gárgola" cover features a dark figure wearing a buttoned up coat and a beak-like mask worn by plague doctors back in the days. Drummer Sam Loeffler explained the group's sound to Loudwire Reloaded, saying: "At the end of the day I think we sound like our band without trying to sound like somebody else, and that's important. But at the same time you hope your music evolves. To me, it does evolve, but it's still melodic hard rock music which is what inspires us to want to write." The first single, "Take Out The Gunman", addresses the issues of guns and mass shootings, but Loeffler says it's also about more than that. "It is hitting a little close to home," he tells The Pulse Of Radio. "However, certainly it's about that but the real point is about how the media sensationalizes it and how it perpetuates it, because we talk about it so much and concentrate on it so much, which is — when you put something on television, it just becomes bigger than life and then, you know, the age-old question is, if you don't put it on TV and nobody knows about it, will it happen less? I don't know."

Video: KORN Frontman Performs DURAN DURAN Cover With ASKING ALEXANDRIA

KORN frontman Jonathan Davis joined ASKING ALEXANDRIA on stage at the Gibson Brands AP Music Awards Monday night (July 21) at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum in Cleveland, Ohio to perform a cover of DURAN DURAN's "Hungry Like The Wolf". Check out video footage of his appearance below. In its inaugural year, the APMAs was hosted by six-time AP cover star Mark Hoppus (BLINK-182) and featured additional performances from A DAY TO REMEMBER, ALL TIME LOW, FALL OUT BOY, FALLING IN REVERSE, JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS, MACHINE GUN KELLY, MISFITS, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS, twenty one pilots and Brendon Urie of PANIC! AT THE DISCO. Fifteen awards in total were handed out at the APMAs, including Album Of The Year, Artist Of The Year, Song of the Year, Best Guitarist, Best Drummer, Best Bassist, Best International Band, Best Vocalist, Artist Philanthropic Award and Most Dedicated Fans, along with an Icon Award honoring Joan Jett and a Vanguard Award honoring Billy Corgan.

SKID ROW Guitarist DAVE 'SNAKE' SABO: 'We've Always Remained True To What We Do'

On July 20, SKID ROW guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo and bassist Rachel Bolan were interviewed at the studios of the WZZM television station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can now watch their appearance at this location. Asked how SKID ROW's sound has changed since the release of the band's first two albums, Sabo said: "It hasn't. We've always remained true to what we do. It's the only thing we know how to do, to be quite honest. And one of the things that we pride ourselves on is that we've never been disengenious with the audience at all; we've always been very true to the spirit and the soul of the band." He continued: "Songwriting is a very selfish act; you have to write for yourself first. But by doing that, you leave no stone unturned and you make sure that what you're giving the public is completely true and pure. And this way, you kind of leave it up to them to decide whether they like it or not; it's out of your hands at that point. But at least it's genuine. It's not something that's false." Added Bolan: "We've never changed our… I don't wanna say 'formula,' but the way we write songs. We've always done it. We just get in a room, buy a six-pack of beer and we bounce ideas off each other for hours. Shut off the cell phone, you know…" SKID ROW — Johnny Solinger (vocals), Scotti Hill (guitar), Rachel Bolan (bass), Dave "Snake" Sabo (guitar) and Rob Hammersmith (drums) — will release a new seven-song EP, "Rise Of The Damnation Army - United World Rebellion: Chapter Two", on August 5 via Megaforce Records. The CD will contain covers of QUEEN and AEROSMITH classics as bonus tracks. In a recent interview with Icon Vs. Icon, Sabo spoke about SKID ROW's mindset while writing the new material. "I think we have also gotten to the point that we are so appreciative of what we have and are so thankful," he said. "We are really humbled by it all. I think with that comes a respect for the audience and what the band has been able to do over the course of the past 28 years. There is a respect for the songwriting, along with a respect for each other. "Rachel and I really became conscious of how fortunate we are. To still be songwriting partners, band members and best buds after all this time is really something. That doesn't get lost on us through this whole process. We are keenly aware of being present and in the moment. It sounds cliché, but when it really does happen, it is something truly incredible. I think we are just going to take that philosophy and presence of mind into the next release and create from there. It is a great sampling and a great place to be in when you are both on the same page with one and other. The results are something to behold."

Former DRAGONFORCE Singer's I AM I Taking A 'Bolder Path' With New Material

Felicity Hall of GetYourRockOut conducted an interview with former DRAGONFORCE and current I AM I singer ZP Theart at the SOS Festival, which was held on July 19-20 in Manchester, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below. Asked about the recent departures of I AM I members Jacob Ziemba (guitar), Neil Salmon (bass) and Andy Midgley (guitar), ZP said: "Ultimately, fans are there for the music, and that's the bottom line. And as long as they appreciate that and the music gets played right, then [that's all that matters]." He added: "You have to have the hunger, and after all this time, I've still got the hunger. Everyone else doesn't necessarily feel the same way about it as I do, and there you go. Things move on. I'm out here to be onstage and do music, and that's all I care about. And I wanna surround myself with people that feel the same way. Onwards and upwards." Regarding I AM I's plans for the follow-up the band's debut album, 2012's "Event Horizon", ZP said: "We've already started writing, so there's a lot of stuff in the kitty already. And we're gonna take the next few months to sort all that out." He went on to describe I AM I's new material as "very different. Ultimately the same, but very different. It's a bolder path we're taking, I reckon, and a lot of people are gonna be really puzzled and surprised at the same time. It's new energy. It's new people involved. So far everyone's [getting their ideas in]. We're actually sitting in a rehearsal room and coming up with riffs and working it out in the good, old-fashioned way." Ziemba, Salmon and Midgley announced their departures from I AM I in February "due to internal struggles and ongoing issues within the band." A founding member of DRAGONFORCE, Theart made four studio albums and a live record with the band and toured the world for a decade, eventually performing to audiences of up to 85,000 people. His time with the group also saw him nominated for a Grammy in 2009. After his departure from DRAGONFORCE in 2010, ZP worked tirelessly to put together his own group and, after catefully handpicking a set of expert musicians, the result was one of the most exciting new rock bands of 2012, I AM I. A promotional single entitled "Silent Genocide" in the summer was followed by the release of a debut album, "Event Horizon", in September 2012. Written and produced by ZP and Polish-born guitarist Jacob Ziemba and mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow (HELLOWEEN, MASTERPLAN), its stunning blend of melody-filled metal and riff-based rock topped off by ZP's soaring vocal performances completed a package that was acclaimed worldwide by critics and audiences alike.